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Come learn to cook with me!

Next courses are going to be held in Spanish but some English and German explanations are possible.

January/February 2022

4 sessions with 2 Veggie Chefs (Marianna Perfetti and me) in our new project @2veggiecooks
Mondays 10th, 17th, 24th January and 7th February from 18h to 21h in Santa Cruz. Calle General Antequera, 3.


In this cooking classes you will learn the basics of the plant-based vegan food. No Dairy, no animal products… In 4 afternoons we will teach you how to cook vegetables and grains, how to substitute eggs and dairy, where you can find good quality veggie protein, etc. More than 20 impressive recipes that will make your life much easier and tastier.

Session 0 – Basics
Session 1 – Vegetables
Session 2 – Grains
Session 3 – Protein sources

Contact me if you are interested at my phone +34 630 811 224 or our email hola@2veggiecooks.com

Thursday 13th January 2022
From 18:30h a 21:30h in Se te va la Olla, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

GYOZAS production afternoon
Learn to do homemade gyozas from the dough to the filling and the different shapes. The ones you make are for you to take them home.

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Saturday 5th February 2021
From 18h to 21:30h in Se Te Va la Olla, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Carrot fermentation, chucrut and kimchi
Easy, creative and tasty recipe with ferments:
Kimchi soup
Autumns salad with sauerkraut and preserved lemon dressing
Probiotic hummus with fermented carrots
Ovenbaked potatoes with kimchi mayo and fermented ketchup

Gift cards available for all lessons! Also for the experience of cooking directly in organic farms of the island, visiting the farm, collecting veggies and cooking awesome dishes with the freshest products ever!

Please contact me:
Telefon: +34 630 811 224
Email: reservas@elmana.es
Social Media: @elmanatenerife on Facebook or Instagram

Hope to see you soon in any of my cooking classes!

Ruth Marrero, vegetarian and vegan Chef